Thinkinnov Technologies

About Us

Marie Changlais Aimé

We are a team of skilled engineers with a commitment

to build rock solid web & mobile applications, and

Digital Experiences

for our clients.

We create effective strategies and modern solutions to optimize the operating processes of businesses and organizations. We believe that digital transformation is a game changer in customer value delivery.

You can count on us

Our services

01 - Website development

02 - Web application development

03 - Mobile application development

04 - Custom application development

05 - Digital strategy consulting

06 - Copywriting

07 - UX/UI design

We are reliable

Our values


Good results are born from good relationships. From the start of the project, we establish a clear and transparent communication with you, in order to optimize the chances of satisfaction and success.


Methods, tools, ways of working, we make it evolve constantly to achieve your goals.


Our solutions are designed to scale. At a better opportunity, thanks to our techniques and technological choices, Our solutions are pivotables and adaptables.

Team Humans

the scene

  • Marie Changlais AiméIT Project Manager
  • Mike Luigi JeanFullStack Developer & CTO
  • Moïse DestinFullStack Developer
  • Jean Marcelin BeaubrunDeveloper
  • Now HiringUX/UI Designer
  • Wilbens SiguineauProject Advisor

Our Clients

Good results are born with good relationships with our clients.